2019 World Press Freedom Index

Reports Without Borders

I have nothing profound to say here, just posting a map I made from the latest World Press Freedom Index data, courtesy of Reporters Without Borders. Bland observations below:

  • Tunisia is one of the few bright spots in the Middle East.
  • Northern Europe is doing very well.
  • Bhutan is a standout in South Asia.
  • Indonesia/Malaysia come out on top in Southeast Asia.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa looks surprisingly alright.
  • That North Korea-China-Vietnam axis is awful.
  • Turkmenistan has very cool statues but is otherwise not great.
  • Cuba is the worst in the Western Hemisphere.
  • I have no idea what is going in in Eritrea but they tend to score horrifically on these freedom indices.

That’s it. I have a bunch of serious posts that are halfway done, so more content is coming, its just been a busy month.

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